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55 Dogs edited on 28.06.2022

Lacshen's Born This Way


Siberian Love Winter Melody


Hey Honey von Shinbashi


Gorgoeus Gaga Asperados


Teka's Who Dat at Ace's


Lacshen-Phareview Out On A Limb


Kenzo von Shinbashi


Hot Boy von Shinbashi


EXxiino's Crazy Lady Call Me Heily


Lacshen-Phareview I'm Gonna B Famous


Lacshen's Best Actress


Lachshen's Lovestruck


Joyway's All Over Again


Something Else Titleist


Proud Pony Black Pearl


Exxiino's Excuse Moi


Exxiino's Eeny Meeny Miny Moe


Exxiino's Exxtra Wi-Fi


Proud Pony Coolmax


Exxiino's Ex's And Oh's


Exxiino's Excuse Me Miss


Exxiino's Extra'Ordinary


Proud Pony Cross Me


Proud Pony Blinding Lights


Proud Pony Bohemian Rhapsody


Proud Pony Beautiful Creature


Proud Pony Born To Be Wild


Carisma Empathie


Achilles Empathie


Prefix Bikini Fashion


Proud Pony Bed of Roses


Finlandia Crystal Ice


Proud Pony Counting Stars


Proud Pony Cinderella


Proud Pony Cobrastyle


Proud Pony Coldplay


Proud Pony Bullet Proof


Zula Exotic World FCI


Proud Pony Bad Habits


Proud Pony All I Ever Wanted


Cladary Triumph Inspired Kiss


Cladary Triumph Dael Julie


Proud Pony D3


Proud Pony D2


Apriori Vip Yemiel'


Proud Pony D4


Proud Pony D1


Cladary Triumph Jasmine Jayant


Apriori Vip Yeskel'


Cladary Triumph Hope Leonella


Apriori Vip Wish List


Proud Proud E1


Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Bon Giovi


Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Annabell


De Novo Gattaca

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