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PLJCH  Ungaro Diva Gattaca

: 2018-04-15
: Hairless
: 28.00cm (11.0")
Magdalena Kucko (Gattaca, Polen)
Magdalena Kucko (Gattaca, Polen)
Marta Fraczek (Olyuti, USA)
  • Litter J

  • ©Maugo Chervi - HUARACA

  • 2 years old

  • 2 years old

  • 1 year old

  • CERF 2019 - normal/clear

  • 3 months old

  • PLL

  • 11 weeks old

  • 6 weeks old

  • 6 weeks old

  • 5 weeks old

  • 7 days old

  • after birth

  • after birth


patella 0/0
PLL carrier
prcd PRA clear
CERF - normal/clear

Started American Champion
Started Polish Champion

Siblings (5)


Una Bonita Gattaca
Umberto Tozzi Gattaca
Ulla El Sol Gattaca
Umbro Morris Gattaca
Ungaro Diva Gattaca

Offspring (27) (Descendents)

dob: 2023-08-16  Sire: Sirocco Nothing Conquers The Best

Olyuti's Never Say Never Baby
Olyuti's Never Stop Loving
Olyuti's Never Look Back
Olyuti's Never Stop Dreaming
Olyuti's Never Give Up
Olyuti's Never A Doubt

dob: 2022-08-07  Sire: Sirocco Nothing Conquers The Best

Olyuti's Just Passion
Olyuti's Just Destiny
Ch. Olyuti's Just Secret
Olyuti's Just Desire
Olyuti's Just Hope
Olyuti's Just Faith
Ch. Olyuti's Just Obsession At Gattaca

dob: 2021-08-10  Sire: Kaylen's Wizard for Olyuti-Gattaca

Fancy Fairy Gattaca Olyuti
Fancy Spirit Gattaca Olyuti
Fancy Smile Gattaca Olyuti
Fancy Honey Gattaca Olyuti
Fancy Kiss Gattaca Olyuti
Ch. Fancy Fame Gattaca Olyuti
Ch. Fancy Ever Gattaca Olyuti for Gentlewind

dob: 2020-03-03  Sire: El Libertador - Simon Di China Latina

American Blaze Gattaca Olyuti
American Riddle Gattaca Olyuti
American Fire Gattaca Olyuti
Ch. American Candy Gattaca Olyuti
American Gift Gattaca Olyuti
American Dream Gattaca Olyuti
American Surprise Gattaca Olyuti

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