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ATJCH  HCH  INTCH(FCI)  ROCH  SKCH  SLOCH  ÖZK Club Baby Winner 2019, Bundesjugendsieger Tulln 2020, ÖZK Clubwinner 2021, Alpensieger Salzburg 2021, ÖZK Clubwinner 2022, Transylvanian Winner Arad 2022Caribbean Criollo Solsburry Hill
"Aegon "

: 2019-05-14
: Bronze with white
: Hairless
Nancy Tielemans, Belgium (Caribbean Criollo, Belgia)
Ulrike Unterrainer (Austria) (Black night shadow fighter´s, Østerike)

  • ©@Ulrike

  • ©@Ulrike

  • ©ProDog Photography

  • ©ProDog Photography

  • ©M.Natelberg

  • ©ulrike

  • ©Ulrike

  • ©Ulrike

  • ©Ulrike

  • 12 weeks
    @ Ulrike

  • 2 weeks
    ©Caribbean Criollo


EVG molecular diagnostics 03/20
clear for:

PRA prcd
PRA rcd3
Malignant Hyperthermia
Canine multiple Systemdegeneration

ECVO clear: 08/20, 08/21, 07/23
Patella 10/20: 0/0, 04/23 0/0

Siblings (5)


Caribbean Criollo Sympathy for the Devil
Caribbean Criollo Sorry Angel
Caribbean Criollo Shine Bright Like A Diamond
Caribbean Criollo Smalltown Boy
Caribbean Criollo Solsburry Hill

Offspring (13) (Descendents)

dob: 2023-09-08  Dam: Bella Donna Mia Vita Felicita

Emica Di Chrisdor's
Einstein Di Chrisdor's
Ellie Di Chrisdor's
Enno Di Chrisdor's
Enzo Di Chrisdor's

dob: 2022-09-07  Dam: Brusnika Winning Smile

Netflix von Natelberg
Nyx von Natelberg
Nunki von Natelberg
Nimrodel von Natelberg
Nannakos von Natelberg
Nesquik von Natelberg
Nagini von Natelberg

dob: 2022-02-24  Dam: Elsa Sweet Moments

Hero Sweet Moments

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