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JCH French National Show JCH San Marino JCH Monaco 6 X JCAC 2 JCACIB 1 X BOB 3 X BOS Crufts Qualification 2025JCh. Zero Tolerance Wicked Witch

Reg. no
: LOSH 01367790
: 2023-03-27
: Black
: Powderpuff
: 27.50cm (10.8") / 5.30kg (11.6#)
Marc and Sarah Timmermans-Bots (Zero Tolerance, Belgia)
Marc and Sarah Timmermans-Bots (Zero Tolerance, Belgia)

  • ¬©ZeroTolerance

  • ¬©ZeroTolerance

  • ¬©ZeroTolerance


PLL Clear
PRA-rcd3 Clear
PRA-prcd Clear
DM Clear
Heart Normal
Patella 0/0
DNA Registered

French National Show Junior Champion
San Marino Junior Champion
Monaco Junior Champion

Siblings (6)


Zero Tolerance Warlock
Zero Tolerance Warrior Princess
Zero Tolerance Welcome To The Black Parade
Zero Tolerance Wizard Of Oz
JCh. Zero Tolerance Wicked Witch
Zero Tolerance Willy Wonka

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