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Moonswift Shadow Dancer

: 1990-06-09
: Blue
: Hairless
Diana Bowdler-Townsend (Moonswift, England)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (5)


Moonswift Jhedda
Moonswift Conquistador
Moonswift Dark Secret
Moonswift Shadow Dancer
Moonswift Justin

Offspring (22) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Razzmatazz Plumbago

Razzmatazz Natural Selection

dob:   Dam: Shamar Acres' Khall Girl

Shamar Acre's Naykhid Lady

dob: 1997-03-09  Dam: Razzmatazz Piece Of Cake

Ch. Razzmatazz Stingray

dob: 1995-11-25  Dam: Razzmatazz Exacta

Razzmatazz Rhinestone
Razzmatazz Fantasia
Razzmatazz Grindstone
Razzmatazz Ultra Violet

dob: 1995-09-29  Dam: Razzmatazz Feeling Festive

Rey's Silkyence One Of A Kind

dob: 1995-08-31  Dam: Shamar Acres' Khall Girl

Shamar Acres' Naykhid Lahdy
Shamar Acres' Lahdy Of The Khnight

dob: 1995-07-04  Dam: Razzmatazz Purple Haze

Razzmatazz Shake Some Action
Silkyence Tumbelle Rocketman

dob: 1995-07-04  Dam: Razzmatazz Wild And Crazy

Razzmatazz Picklefork
Razzmatazz Natural Talent

dob: 1992-07-18  Dam: Razzmatazz Bristlecone

Razzmatazz Rapid Fire
Razzmatazz Red Alert
Razzmatazz Dust In the Wind
Razzmatazz Beowulf

dob: 1991-10-26  Dam: Razzmatazz Vindicator

Razzmatazz Huckleberry
Ch. Razzmatazz Barberry

dob: 1991-10-05  Dam: Wenlos Remarkable Arrow

Ch. Razzmatazz Sunspot
Razzmatazz Big Bang

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