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2006 - 2023
Legends The Entertainer

: 2006-08-03
: Black & White
: Powderpuff
Amy & Bill Thompson (Legends, USA)
Anna Suzuki (Angelino JP, Japan)

  • ©Anna.S

  • ©Legends

Siblings (2)


Legends Git R Done
Legends The Entertainer

Offspring (9) (Descendents)

dob: 2012-03-11  Dam: Rino Anne JP Queen of Grace

Angelino JP Brilliant Black
Angelino JP Brilliant Night Zero
Angelino JP Brilliant La Popola
Angelino JP Brilliant Capriccio

dob: 2010-12-02  Dam: Rino Anne JP Another Story Rebecca

Rino Anne JP Thunderation

dob: 2010-03-10  Dam: Rino Anne JP Naughty Girl Mousse

Rino Anne Jp Ga Ga Ga Pingu

dob: 2008-11-16  Dam: Rino Anne JP Lady Like Vivi

Rino Anne JP Vampir Hunter

dob: 2008-05-22  Dam: Just Call Me Blond Bond Chick

Ch. Rino Anne JP Shooting Star
Rino Anne JP So Sweet Smile Sugar

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