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2007 - 2021
DKCH  INTCH(FCI)  NORDCH  NUCH  SECH  CRUFT Qual 2014Twice as Nice Komikazoom

Reg. no
: S50458/2007
: 2007-06-08
: Powderpuff
Sanna Wrisnig (Twice As Nice, Sverige)
Pernilla Johansson (Sparkling Crested, Sverige)
  • November 2013
    ©Eliza Ankerståhl

  • November 2013
    ©Eliza Ankarståhl

  • ©Marjo Rönkä

  • Matteus BIG Neumünster International 2012
    ©©Maj-britt Nielsen

  • ©Marjo Rönkä

  • Matteus BIG Neumünster International 2012 BOB jugde Dr. Wilfried Peper BIG judge Karin Voye
    ©Jennifer Bülow

  • ©Pasi Marjala, August 10, 2008

  • ©Sanna Wrisnig, June 28, 2008

  • ©Tobias Ryrbäck

  • ©Wrisnig

  • ©Sanna Wrisnig

  • ©Sanna Wrisnig

  • ©Wardström


2 CACIB (in Sweden)
1 CACIB (in Germany)
1 CACIB (in Norway)
3 CAC (in Sweden)
1 CAC (in Denmark)
1 CAC (in Germany)
1 CAC (in Norway)
1 R-CACIB (in Sweden)
1 R-CAC (in Denmark)
1 BOS (in Norway)
1 BOB (in Denmark)
1 BOB (in Germany)
1 BIG (in Germany)

Prcd-PRA Clear
PLL Clear
Cerfed Clear 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019

Patella 0/0

Siblings (5)


Twice as Nice Kinky Valentine
Twice as Nice Kiss Me
Twice as Nice Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Twice As Nice Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Twice as Nice Komikazoom

Offspring (10) (Descendents)

dob: 2015-06-16  Dam: Twice as Nice Third Wish

Twice as Nice Sofa King Jake
Ch. Twice as Nice Sparkling Joy
Ch. CH Twice as Nice Seven Monkey Fury JW
Twice as Nice Spill the Beans
Twice as Nice Swanky Saturday
Ch. Twice as Nice Size Matters
Twice as Nice Sunshine in my Soul for Myglee

dob: 2014-03-26  Dam: De La Mahafu's Love Angels Giggi

Ch. De La Mahafu's Kg Miracle
De La Mahafu's KG Matteus
De La Mahafu's KG Mirra

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