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2007 - 2016

: 2007-12-28
: black&white
: Hairless
Lee Cox & Tom Isherwood (Vanitonia, England)
Elin gunnarsson (Sirocco, Sverige)
Elin Gunnarsson
  • Chibi

  • 2010

  • BIS 4 Progeny Group, Svenstavik INT 2015

  • BIS 3 Progeny Group

  • BIS Progeny Group (STDA 2014)

  • Chibi after gaining her NUCH, NORDICCH and INTCH! 030711 Trondheim

  • Trondheim june 2011

  • August 2008

  • Chibi July 2010

  • BOB, CAC and new FINCH, Kemi Finland

  • 2010

  • Chibi after the show

  • Chibi at the day she gained her SE UCH

  • Chibi becoming new Swedish Champion! Best Bitch, CAC and BOS. Piteå 20100515, Judge Javier Fernandez Sanchez

  • Chibi with R-CAC and CACIB, Wasa Finland

  • Summer 09

  • PLL result, OFA

  • August 09

  • Crested specialty 09

  • summer 09

  • In motion 5/9-09

  • Head shot 09

  • Chibi 20090613

  • Chibi at the Crested Specialty 09

  • Summer 2009

  • First show in Finland BOS & CC 2009-05-24

  • Chibi becomes Best In Show Judge Dusan Paunovic

  • February 09

  • Chinese crested specialty BPIS

  • BOB- Puppy Judge A-C Johansson

  • Best Puppy In Show (Swedish toydog association) 080823

  • 080809

  • Best Puppy In Speciality Show

  • 080809

  • Best Puppy In Show
    Breed Judge Ritva Raita (Fin) & BIS Judge Leif Lehmann Jörgensen (Dk)
    (Swedish Kennel Club International all Breed Show)

  • Free stacking 2008-05-17

  • Chibis first show, BOB-Puppy 6,5 months old
    080712 Alfta

  • Close up 2008-05-17

  • Chibi 3 months old

  • ©vanitonia

  • 6 weeks


BEST IN SHOW (Swedish Toy Dog Association)2009

Best In Show 2 Intermediate (Swedish Toy Dog Association)2009

Top Winning CCD Brood Bitch 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014!

BISS Progeny Group both winter & summer CCD Specialty 2015
With: Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man, Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy, Sirocco Sweet But Wicked Dwelling, Sirocco The Great Heaten Army, Sirocco Omen Over Northumbria & Sirocco Endless Locks Of Eventide.

BIS Progeny Group (STDA 2015 & 2014) & BIS 3 (STDA 2014)
With: Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man, Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy, Sirocco Sweet But Wicked Dwelling & Sirocco Endless Locks Of Eventide.

BIS 4 Progeny Group at Svenstavik INT 2015 with:
Ch Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man
MultiCh Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy
Sirocco The Great Heaten Army
Sirocco Omen Over Northumbria

BOB (Sweden)
BOB (Norway)
BOB (Finland)
BOS x5 (Sweden)
BOS (Finland)
BOS (Norway)

5x CAC(Sweden)
2x CAC (Finland)
2x CAC (Norway)
1x CAC (Latvia, Latvian Winner-10)

4x CACIB (One from NordicW-09 in Helsinki)
1x R-CACIB (From Latvian Winner 2010 in Riga)

2010 No 14 Top Winning Crested & No 9 Top Winning Bitch

2009 No 11 Top Winning Crested & No 8 Top Winning Bitch

Several CK/Excellent and Best Female placements (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lithuania & Latvia)

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW (Swedish Kennel Club International all Breed Show)2008

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW (Swedish toydog association)2008

BEST PUPPY IN SPECIALTY SHOW (Swedish Chinese Crested Speciality)2008

Undefeated in the puppy class!
5x BOB-Puppy

Siblings (7)


Vanitonia Think Pink
Vanitonia Whatever
Vanitonia Vivascious Von Lacdee
vanitonia vivascious von lacdee


Vanitonia Rumor Has It
Vanitonia Just A Rumour
GCH Vanitonia Monkey Business

Offspring (18) (Descendents)

dob: 2014-06-13  Sire: Maybell's Lord Of The Rings

Sirocco The Raid Of Lindisfarne
Sirocco Conquest Of East Anglia
Sirocco Last Norse King Of Jarvik
Ch. Sirocco Omen Over Northumbria
Ch. Sirocco The Great Heaten Army
Sirocco Decline Of The Saxon Empire

dob: 2013-03-31  Sire: Neddies Adorable Alram

Ch. Sirocco Sweet But Wicked Dwelling
Sirocco From Ashes To Abundance
Sirocco Fortune Spun By Straw
Ch. Sirocco Endless Locks Of Eventide
Sirocco Harmless White Poison Red

dob: 2011-12-18  Sire: Sirocco Welcome To The Black Parade

Sirocco Gluttony Above Beauty
Ch. Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man
Ch. Sirocco Broken Wings Of Sloth
Ch. Sirocco Prisoner Of Pride
Sirocco Mortal Sinful Lust
Ch. Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy
Sirocco From Wrath To Ruin

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