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BOB, BIG 1, BIS 3Subway Extra Jeez Horton

: 2009-11-29
: palomino
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Galina & Beat Hartinger (Krasotka, Frankrike)
Hartinger Beat (Subway, Frankrike)
Dmitrieva E. Kiev (LEGION OF DREAM , Ukraina)
  • ©LD

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  • ©lena

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  • ©LD

  • JCAC, BJ at CACIB show 11/12/10/ Kiev
    ©Legion of Dream

  • at around 5 m.o.

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11/12/10 JCAC, international show in Ukraine ( Kiev)
25/09/11 CAC-(Berdichev) Pogodina V.Ukraine
02/10/11 CAC BOB BIG 1, BIS 3 (Krivoy Rog)Palivanov M. Rossia
PRA clear

Siblings (4)


Subway Extremely Hot Chokolate
Subway Etre Excellent Avec Krasotka Star
Subway European Black Star
Subway Extra Jeez Horton

Offspring (67) (Descendents)

dob: 2015-07-30  Dam: Queen Always the First Minodora

Legion Of Dream Happiness With You

dob: 2015-07-11  Dam: Krasotka Star Eurovigion Enigma

Am Ch & Mex Ch Legion Of Dream Patrick Of Leo
Legion Of Dream Peter
Legion Of Dream Prince William
Legion Of Dream Pauline Is A Nice Lady

dob: 2015-05-06  Dam: Samira Dolce  of Dolce  Minodora

Legion Of Dream Girl Gladis In Gold
AM GCHG CH Legion Of Dream Glory Of Magic Musik Romina
Legion Of Dream Glory Of Magic Musik-Romina
Legion Of Dream Genius Of Ring
Legion Of Dream Given From Fortuna
Legion Of Dream Great Present From Life

dob: 2015-03-27  Dam: Vita - Asol Godemana


dob: 2014-05-27  Dam: Irene House Baronesse Bless

Legion Of Dream Tenderness
Legion Of Dream Tequila Love
Legion Of Dream Thomas Great
Legion Of Dream Tidal Bores
Legion Of Dream Torres Radiant
Legion Of Dream Theobald Conqueror Of Hearts
Ch. Legion Of Dream Trenton Fidget

dob: 2014-05-12  Dam: Legion Of Dream Idea Fix

Legion Of Dream Illuriya Horsa
Legion Of Dream Ilerda Vaude
Legion Of Dream Ispassia Noiz
Legion Of Dream Imogen Corg
Legion Of Dream Ilariya Kaiser
Legion Of Dream Iluryan Phraotes

dob: 2013-11-17  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Kelli Santa Paf

Legion of Dream Party Time
Legion of Dream Princesse Keri - Ker

dob: 2013-11-10  Dam: Sunny Lion Tinkerbell

Legion of Dream Oscar Basis
Legion of Dream Octavia Spencer
Ch. Legion of Dream Owen BEST
Legion of Dream Olaf Furr
Ch. Legion of Dream Om Puri
Legion of Dream Olivia Reed

dob: 2013-11-01  Dam: Krasotka Star Eurovigion Enigma

Legion of Dream Nolan Frost
Legion of Dream Ned Rudis
Legion of Dream Nik Malta
Legion of Dream Norman Rudis
Legion of Dream Nartay Dref

dob: 2013-06-10  Dam: Samira Dolce  of Dolce  Minodora

Legion Of Dream Star Warrior
Legion Of Dream Secret Spirit
Legion Of Dream Suzanne Louis Versace
Legion Of Dream Senator Stail
Legion Of Dream Special Agent

dob: 2013-04-01  Dam: Krasotka Star Eurovigion Enigma

Legion Of Dream Kate Becki
Legion Of Dream Kelly Boston
Legion Of Dream Keanu Revolver

dob: 2012-12-06  Dam: Bi-lav Plus Marmeladka

Emelli Fency Free Dolce Dea Apriori
Elain Best Of Times Dolce Dea Apriori
El-Cid Diamond Dolce Dea Apriori
Ch. Edit Can-Can Dolce Dea Apriori
Elis My Cheri Dolce Dea Apriori
Elliot Gonguistador Dolce Dea Apriori
El-riko Voyager Dolce Dea Apriori

dob: 2012-01-01  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Kelli Santa Paf

Legion Of Dream Favorite Of Fortune
Ch. Legion Of Dream Fire Of Vavilona For Solo Elider
Ch. Legion Of Dream Flash Of Fire
Legion Of Dream
Legion Of Dream

dob: 2011-11-10  Dam: Voshititelnaya Viva Minodora

Solo Elider Brooke Shields
Solo Elider Bruce Willis
Solo Elider Brigitte Bardot
Solo Elider Brad Pitt
Solo Elider Barbra Streisand
Solo Elider Britney Jean Spears

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