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SDHK Swedish Toy Club Luleå 19 May Judge Kurt Nilsson

SDHK 19 May Judge Kurt Nilsson

BOB BIS-2 C.I.B NORD UCH FIN CH FiW-11 HeW-12 Ridgecrest Secret Weapon
BM-2 CAC Chineseblue's Note This
BM-3 R-CAC Sirocco Greedy Hands Of Man
BM-4 Sirocco Welcome To The Black Parade

BOS CAC Sirocco Jealousy Breeds Envy
BB-2 Fantasy Fairytales's Argent Dawn
BB-3 SE UCH Ridgecrest's Flashy Girl
BB-4 R-CAC Ridgecrest's Most Exclusive

BOB Veteran SE UCH SV-06 Prefix My Darling Clementine

Best Breeder Kennel Sirocco
BOB puppy Ridgecrest's Swedish Success
BOS puppy Ridgecrest's Prince Of Sweden

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