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PLCH  PLJCH  CHILI Modern Family

: 2017-01-06
: black
: Powderpuff
: 30.00cm (11.8") / 5.00kg (11.0#)
Agnieszka Redlarska, Aleksander Bartnikowski (Modern family, Polen)
Agnieszka Redlarska, Aleksander Bartnikowski (Modern family, Polen)

  • ©Aneta Pietruszynska

  • 16 months
    ©Agnieszka Redlarska

  • 16 months
    ©Agnieszka Redlarska

  • BIS Junior competition
    ©Pawel Knutti

  • 12 month old - junior winner, BOB junior
    ©Magdalena Mucko

  • 6 months
    ©Lidka P?dziwiatr

  • 5 months old
    ©Agnieszka Redlarska

  • ©Agnieszka Redlarska

  • ©Mariola Laskowska

  • VP 1 in CACIB ?ód? show - 13.05.2017
    ©Mariola Laskowska

  • 1o weeks
    ©Aleksander Bartnikowski

  • ©Agnieszka Redlarska

  • 5 weeks old
    ©Agnieszka Redlarska

  • ©Agnieszka Redlarska

  • 4 weeks
    ©Agnieszka Redlarska

  • ©Agnieszka Redlarska

  • 3 days old
    ©Agnieszka Redlarska


Health: 27.03.2018 CERF(ECVO) - Ok (gonioscopy, KCS - clear)
Started polish champion
4 times VP1
1 time BOB BABY
1 time BOB PUPPY
21.01.2018 International dog show Lubin - exc. 1, junior winner, BOB junior
10.03.2018 National dog show Jaros?aw - exc. 1, junior winner, BOS
06.05.2018 National dog show Rybnik - exc. 1, junior winner
19.05.2018 National dog show Bytom - exc. 1, CAC, BOB
17.06.2018 International show Krakow - exc. 1, CAC

Siblings (9)


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Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob: 2021-10-06  Sire: Elegant Super Ciapki

Jandira Modern Family
Jaguarao Modern Family
JARDIM Modern Family
Jacarei Modern Family
JACUMA Modern Family
Japeri Modern Family

dob: 2020-08-01  Sire: Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet

GRYF Modern Family
GAJA Modern Family
Glaukos Modern Family
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Ch. Giaur Modern Family

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